Monday, February 27, 2012

I be Jammin'!!!

Last month I was chillaxin' in my easy chair and trying to crochet a dishcloth (that's a story full of frustration, gnashing of  teeth, and finally, surrender which I will post about at a later date).  I had the television on The Food Network and was watching someone make something that looked good but looked more difficult than popping it in the microwave for four minutes, so I didn't get my paper and pencil to copy the recipe. 
Then "The Pioneer Woman" came on and she was canning strawberry jam!  Strawberry jam!!!  She had several children helping her with the smashing and smooshing while she was smiling and telling me how easy it is.  Buy lots of sugar and strawberries, a little pectoral something or was it pectin...anyway, it was just that easy!  I sat up in my chair and thought to myself "I am going to can strawberry jam!!!"  It was like that moment in "Gone with the Wind" when Scarlett says "As God as my witness, I will never be hungry again!!!"  I was energized. 
I didn't know quite where to start so I thought I would start with trying to locate some child labor.  Well, apparently the government frowns on small children being used for things like smooshing strawberries because none of the temporary agencies I called had any for sale or rent.  I could get a recent parolee, but no children.  What???  I am sorry but I really want to get them when they are fresh before they start they career of petty theft and drunken larceny.   
This means I will be the one smooshing and smashing then. Not real thrilled with that but I am pumped about getting new kitchen equipment - a pressure cooker/canner!  I have no idea what a pressure cooker does besides cook strawberry jam but I guess I will be finding out.  Now that I am on this canning kick I decided to drag my hubby along with me.  He has never been as excited about gardening as I am when I talk him into doing it, but he did have a little pep in his step when I told him he could fix the tiller that had been sitting in the same place on our land for three years.  Every year I would tell my husband that I wanted to start a garden (read:  I want you to do all the labor intensive tilling, plowing, planting, weeding, watering, weeding, snake killing and I will cook it!).  For three years he was able to put me off, but I was not to be denied this year!  I had a plan!!! 
We got the tiller fixed and started making a list of the veggies we wanted to plant.  He picked okra and that's okay.  I have to let him think he is a valued contributor to this project and more that just servant labor.  After he gets the garden tilled, we will see if he can locate those okra seeds he bought....hmmmmm where did those darn things go?