Monday, June 27, 2011

Sisters In Spirit Motorcycle Association

I returned yesterday from the Sisters in Spirit 2011 rally.  What a large time!  They prove that you can have a rippin' good time without the aid of booze or drugs.  I promise!  People probably thought we were on something but honestly we weren't.  Might have been the lack of oxygen from all the laughing or just the heat....who knew Stillwater was built right on the edge of Hell.  :)

SIS is a wonderful organization dedicated to supporting and promoting women in motorcycling.  The founder, Linda Blankenship, is a pistol on wheels and no bigger than a minute.  Her family has a long history in motorcycling, racing and leisure, and she will share with anyone who asks.  A great lady.

What can I say about my sisters?  We come from all walks of life.  And just like our motorcycles, we come in all sizes, shapes and decor and have a wonderful time when we get together.  We are a noisy, enthusiastic, large than life, extroverted group of women who just want to enjoy this ride of life we are on and be with other women who share our love for those two wheeled money pits.  (Anyone who has a bike knows about the money).  What really sold me was the way the members truly and genuinely care about each other and are there for each other through thick and thin, sickness and in get the idea.  When you meet a new sister from another chapter, you know that you have met a kindred spirit.

The above is not to say that there aren't some women who join then find they aren't SIS material.  Those women that don't fit in usually leave sooner rather than later.  Some women (or their husbands) aren't comfortable with the no alcohol policy.  Some have problems with the fact that we require a certain level of decorum from our members.  I am not talking being prim and proper.  (To be perfectly honest there are times when the conversation topics head south with amazing speed.)    I am talking about how the member treats other members and the image they put out to the public.  Example, wearing a SIS shirt, loudly dropping the "F" bomb, and threatening to kick a cagers butt is NOT an image we want to put out there.  True story.  (She is no longer a member.)

If you have a motorcycle and want to meet other lady motorcyclists, I don't believe you will find another women's motorcycle organization that is as loving, supportive, and fun as this one.  If you want more information, drop me a line or go to  .

Ride Safe.